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Walrus Tusk: Salmon Carving


Approximate Size 5" x 3 1/2

Castle Creek Gallery

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Walrus Tusk: Salmons Carving


Approximate Size 5" x 5 1/2"

From the craftful hands of the carver comes the unique figures that only the artist can define as he does because of his living experience in Alaska. A taste of the sea life and other wildlife forms can be experienced in the detailed expressions carved into the crafted objects. Each carving is individually carved and will not be duplicated. 
These original carvings are hand picked from walrus tusk and whale bone retrieved from the shores of Alaska by natives who provide this unique resource to be enjoyed by those seeking to have quality items on display in their homes or offices.

Soap stone carvings are also displayed defining sea life as seen through the eyes of the artist. The soap stone is mined and hand picked by the artist from a quarry located in northern Washington state. This stone quality is only found in three parts of the world, truely an investment in fine art. Each Carving defined on this site is guaranteed for shipping and satisfaction.

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